Canadian Knights of Columbus Council & Assembly

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<td align="center" valign="top" height="40" width="108">
<img src="images/knight.gif" align="top" width="107" height="79"><br>
<b><font size="2">Canadian K of C<br>
Council & Assembly<br>
Web Site Ring</font></b></td>
<td align="center" height="40" width="307">
<font face="Arial,Helvetica" size="2"><b>The Canadian Knights of Columbus
This site owned by<a href="mailto:e-mail goes here">Council name goes here</a><br>
</font><img src="images/4dembl.gif" width="79" height="90" align="right"><font face="Arial,Helvetica" size="2"><br>
</font><img src="images/logo.jpg" align="left" width="74" height="71">
<img alt="ripflg.gif (28760 bytes)" src="images/ripflg.gif" width="127" height="80"></td>
<td colspan="2" align="center" height="1" width="416">
<a href=" # id here">
<img src="prev.gif" alt="Previous Site" border="0" width="80" height="28"></a>
<a href=" id # here">
<img src="list.gif" alt="List Sites" border="0" width="80" height="26"></a>
<a href=" id #here">
<img src="random.gif" alt="Random Site" border="0" width="80" height="26"></a>
<a href=" id # here">
<img src="join.gif" alt="Join Ring" border="0" width="80" height="26"></a>
<a href=" id # here">
<img src="next.gif" alt="Next Site" border="0" width="80" height="28"></a> </td>